[OSM-dev] Ways with 40k nodes, was: osmosis pgsql schema

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Oct 31 12:21:20 GMT 2008

Shaun McDonald wrote:
>> Fix the API. (and the implementation if it takes you that long ;)
> Actually this isn't just an implementation problem, it is also a social 
> limit. If 12 people were to request large highly detailed areas (and 
> they were on a slow network connection), then you suddenly have everyone 
> else locked out from doing bulkapi requests, until they have cleared.

Not true if you bbox them. You would only lock the actual bbox for that 

> There are other better ways to get large amounts of data, such as mirror 
> API servers or the planet file. With the exposure of the 
> node/way/relation version numbers in API 0.6 this will make it much 
> easier to deal with mirrored api servers.

Having a binary XML format is another approach. And would again 
significantly reduce the communication delay between client and api.


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