[OSM-dev] Ways with 40k nodes, was: osmosis pgsql schema

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Oct 31 12:40:40 GMT 2008

Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Stefan de Konink wrote:
>> I have already created a server that stores in nodes/relations :)
> Yeah, I know you have, but you might have noticed we don't actually  
> have editor authors coming out of our ears.

Thats why legacy support is important :) But again, if you do want to 
improve it, let us all meet with Bart and his crew (or the opposite way 
around ;) and Frederik to get this wagon rolling.

I think we could create something that is significantly better for the 

Ian Dees wrote:
 > The majority of the delay between client and API isn't in downloading
 > the XML file, it's on the server side querying the data from the
 > database. This same querying will need to happen no matter what kind
 > of format is used.

Hence see: change implementation ;)

But from my practice where I allow xapi request over The Netherlands XML 
is also a problem. Files of > 15MB are not fun to download. And worse: 
are definitely not fun to parse without something that actually has 
parsing performance.


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