[OSM-dev] Ways with 40k nodes, was: osmosis pgsql schema

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Oct 31 14:49:35 GMT 2008

Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> Having a binary XML format is another approach. And would again 
>> significantly reduce the communication delay between client and api.
> All your comments seem to assume that we have an arbitrary amount of 
> time an manpower to change the API plus all clients. This is a 
> misconception, and your comments are not helpful without a workable 
> transition strategy.

The assumption that manpower is not available is flawed too. 'We' are 
able to change the API into a 0.6 release we will most definitely be 
able to bump it to 0.7. The time you want to invest in your editor to 
support a new API is probably equal to the users you want to give a good 

Since the gold is already 'published', you can jump on the train or can 
wait till the train stops. I think with the solutions I and others have 
now created the transition strategy is very simple. If we support the 
same standard, we can switch anytime we want. Since we already support 
multiple standards I just wait for 0.6 to be final :)


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