[OSM-dev] Boundary data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 31 17:07:06 GMT 2008


Joachim Zobel wrote:
> There is also the option to add 2 dimensional topology to the data
> model. This means to that the model has areas that have references to 
> ways as boundaries. This way two areas can have a common boundary.

I'm definitely in favour of creating boundaries by having relations that 
point to all the ways making up the boundary - where the boundary itself 
does not have an administrative level or a country:left/country:right or 
anything, because it is all in the relation - areas on different admin 
levels and neighbouring areas can share the same way then.

This is AFAIK already done in many places in Germany.

No area type needed for this, relations work.


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