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Iulian Banaga iulian.banaga at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 12:50:19 BST 2009


My name is Iulian Banaga and I am interested in applying to GSOC 2009 for an
OSM project. I have been working on an Android navigation application that
will use OSM data for 3-4 months now, and I am preparing my bachelor thesis
using this application. When I started the development I have a quick look
other the existing routing applications for OSM and how they are using the
data, render the map and calculate the route.

At that time I thought that one of the best solutions to do all of these
tasks is Navit. I studied the application in more detail and I choose o
use the same model for data. I had to write my own converter from OSM format
to my own binary format. The next step was to start to understand how to use
the OpenGL features that are already present in Android framework. In this
moment the rendering is almost demoable, and I was able to see some results
even on real devices like the OMAP Zoom II Development platforms and the
port of  Android on HTC Tytn II.

Right now I am starting on the routing part and I am ready to  incorporate
some ideas from Navit. Besides that I believe I will have to use some ideas
presented in Gosmore and TravelerSalesman.

It will be very nice if I will be accepted for GSOC 2009, as this
application will definitely get finished in time as I will sustain my
bachelor thesis in late June. I am waiting for any ideas on the routing
engine as this is the part that will be most wanted by the end users and
also the part that will probably require the most time to be able to get
results in a reasonable time on a mobile device.

Best regards,
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