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Tijs Zwinkels openStreetMap at tumblecow.net
Wed Apr 1 16:06:57 BST 2009

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Stefan de Konink <stefan at konink.de> wrote:

> Could you tell us what the difference is with probably any application is
> that you type in google 'gps tagger', maybe it is the term webbased, but
> doesn't that assume we host those photos too?
> Lets say I do see applications that are up to matching of photos and GPS.
> For example, on talk-nl/#osm-nl we have already created a WMS that can
> show you photos on a certain scale depending the zoom depth. And you can
> use it then in JOSM for example as base layer.

I know this is most definitely not the first time that geotagging photo's
with gps data has been attempted. I haven't seen it in a webapp yet (but I
surely believe that this has been done before), but I know there is a flurry
of mostly closed desktop software and some open source scripts that perform
this task.
Yet, if I have a bunch of pictures that I want to geotag on my Linux
desktop, I basically have no idea where to go. Fact remains that most of the
software out there looks dodgy and is closed source, or is hard to use.
My idea would be to create the 'one application to rule them all' as far as
gpx-geotagging goes, and offer one easy entrypoint to both geotag existing
online webalbums, and churn through a bunch of uploaded pictures to offer
the user to download them again. (I don't think we'd like to start another
photo-hosting service)
Since the latter task seems to be more suited to a desktop app, I've
incorporated the building of a desktop app in my proposal as well. If this
would turn out to be too ambitious for one GSoC, I wouldn't mind to continue
building this app after the GSoC ends.

> I personally see much more interesting things coming from integrating
> Flickr into OSM than creating yet-another-gps-tagger. And if you say you
> are doing an AI major; I would suggest to help around with
> OpenStreetPhoto, especially the matching part
> (keywords: SIFT/Histogram/Bundler) ;)

Having said that, I would most definitely be interested in helping out with
some SIFT / other 'good feature to track' tool to automatically stitch
pictures and allow for some automatic tagging of items in pictures for a
GSoC project! Im enthusiastic about the prospect of working on this, and
would like the flesh out ideas a bit more and submit a proposal.
Where should I discuss this? Should I continue on the talk-nl list, or maybe
we can talk things over on IRC sometime soon?

- Tijs
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