[OSM-dev] Atom feed kind of thing

paul youlten paul at yellowikis.org
Wed Apr 1 21:22:58 BST 2009

Full disclosure: I am not a dev.... but I come in peace.

After a few days of struggling to parse the http://planet.../minute
files into something useful with my childlike python skills and the
incomprehensible SAX I was wondering if it might be possible to swap
the /minute files for some sort of Atom feed that I can get Universal
Feedparser to open.

Ideally this would allow me to do so with something like:


let me know what you think... maybe there is some technical overhead
that I don't understand.

Paul Youlten

Tel: +44(0) 7814 517 807

Tel: +44(0) 7814 517 807

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