[OSM-dev] GSOC 2009 - Android navigation application

marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 2 07:11:19 BST 2009

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009 21:33:44 +0300, Iulian Banaga <iulian.banaga at gmail.com>
> As I said my format is based on the Navit's one, and I can say that these
> are 80% similar. How did I choose this format? The fact that this app
> run on mobile devices that are limited in terms of memory and CPU I tried
> the existing routing applications on my desktop and I was looking for the
> fastest renderer and in the same time one renderer that looks good. At
> moment Navit seemed the fastest so I spent some time to understand the
> ideas
> that Navit is using to render.

Okay. Just wanted to check if you did evaluate what was there.
Where did you need to change Navits format? If it was unsatisfactory,
did you send them your patches to have only one format compatible
for both? (Trying to at least slow down growth of the format-jungle here
if I can't unify them.)

I'm looking forward to seeing your code. Especially renderer and the
to read and write your file-format. :)

> First of all I was thinking about getting support for routing restriction
> in
> my app, and Nic (Roets) have done a great job with Gosmore about these.
> From
> TravelingSalesman I might use the idea of creating a routing interface
> will be implemented by different algorithms. Both these ideas will
> be taken into consideration in the second part of GSOC timeline (starting
> July) as I would like to concentrate on getting basic routing
> until the mid-term evaluation.

Sounds reasonable.
You may find the sourcecode of the new
TurnRestrictedMultiTargetDijkstraRouter here:
better commented and as it's java too you could just take it and adapt it
your internal data-model. It is an implementaion of Nics aproach to

I just updated the comments and will check it in tonight.


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