[OSM-dev] Memory error while converting osm to gml

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Thu Apr 2 20:34:02 BST 2009

El Jueves, 2 de Abril de 2009, Will Nordin escribió:
> I am trying to convert the planet-090319.osm (approx 107GB) to gml. I've
> tried the Java and Python solutions, but both end up thorwing OutOfMemory
> exceptions.

Man, it's one-frakking-hundred gigabytes, how would it *not* cause OOM 

You should try splitting the planet with Osmosis first, then individually 
converting each of the pieces to GML.

Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivan at sanchezortega.es>

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