[OSM-dev] good way to do an automated import

marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 8 13:24:07 BST 2009


I started writing the tool to do import
of TMC-LocationCodeLists into OSM (will be used for Germany at
first but there are lots of other countries with TMC-data so
I try to make it generic and user-friendly).

One very fundamental question has come up....
what is the best or prefered way to have the tool output it's changes?

* It can download the current state of the changed entities and
  write an osmChange (full support of the changeset-comment+generator)
* It can download the current state of the changed entities and
  write a josm-file (could be easy to review)
* It can upload it's changes directly to the API (no review)

I would like to be able to run it, then review the changes it
wants to make in an editor and only apply them if a large enough
sample looks fine.

I also need to deal with users changing entities between the time
I download them and I upload my changes.
Should I make this one large changeset or one changeset per type
(roads, segments, points) or one changeset per imported entity
(e.g. a motorway, some segments and a number of points)?

I will have my tool store localy what elements have already been
imported and would like it to store the IDs assigned to them
by the API0.6 and the changeset-id (in case I need to rollback
something later). How could I do that?


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