[OSM-dev] Duplicates in planet.osm

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Apr 10 16:41:40 BST 2009

Thomas Wood wrote:

> Are you sure API0.6 will solve this situation? In this case all the
> ways share the same two nodes and are exactly the same tagging. 0.6
> does not aim to solve this issue afaik.

AIUI the versioning will solve it. This looks awfully like the usual  
slow-server situation to me:

1. Potlatch sends way to server
2. Server does it, but freaks out halfway through operation and  
doesn't return success code to Potlatch
3. Potlatch eventually puts up "/!\" to say "The connection is  
broken" and offers a retry button
4. User clicks retry
5. Repeat from step 1 ad infinitum

With 0.6, the version number should be incremented at step 2, so  
there'll be a conflict if the user retries.


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