[OSM-dev] Fwd: Mobile Phone Audio Mapping Tool?

Graham Jones (Physics) grahamjones at physics.org
Fri Apr 10 22:52:56 BST 2009

I think I am making progress using GPSMid for audio mapping, but still
having a few problems if anyone can help....

I have got GPSMid to record individual audio clips on demand, and produce a
GPX waypoint when you record the clip.
I can then export the GPX file and the audio files (amr format) to my PC.
A little python script puts the required <link href=....> tags in the GPX
file, and converts them to wav format using ffmpeg.

When I import my GPX file into josm, it displays audio icons at the correct
location, but when I click on them I get an error message saying "Error
Playing Sound:  <filename>". Where <filename> is the name of the file I
clicked on (without full path).  However, when you hit ok to accept the
error dialog the file plays correctly...

To make this work I had to include the full path to the .wav files in the
<link> tags, otherwise it wouldn't play at all.

A typical waypoint looks like:
<wpt lat='54.698402' lon='-1.2252716'>

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong to generate this error please?
Also, I would prefer to be able to use relative paths rather than absolute
ones, so any pointers to what to change in josm would be appreciated.  I am
using the latest version of josm, from svn this evening.



2009/3/28 Graham Jones (Physics) <grahamjones at physics.org>

> Tim, Dave,
> Thank you for your help with this.  Dave is right that I was looking at
> doing this as a bit of a challenge, but I wanted to produce a separate audio
> recorder to the one that came with my phone to make it easier to use without
> having to select options etc., and adding the geotagging bits would be
> relatively simple to add.
> It looks like GPSMid is a fancier version of what I was thinking of writing
> (I had displaying maps as a possible future extension....).
> I'll have a look at that with a view to tweaking it if necessary to make
> the audio bits work how I want.
> Regards
> Graham.
> 2009/3/28 Tim Waters (chippy) <chippy2005 at gmail.com>
> I think GPSMid  http://gpsmid.sourceforge.net/  supports audio
>> mapping. it's a J2me program - your phone would need to support it
>> also (mine doesn't alas).
>> Also I use mobile trails explorer (also j2me), which has an audio
>> waypoint tool too. (again, not tried).
>> http://www.substanceofcode.com/software/mobile-trail-explorer/
>> Both programs work with bluetooth GPS and work with OSM in mind, and
>> they are open source, so feel free to hack on them, see what works,
>> might save you re-writing it from scratch!
>> Cheers,
>> Tim
>> 2009/3/27 Graham Jones (Physics) <grahamjones at physics.org>:
>> > I am after a simple way of recording street names when cycling rather
>> than
>> > having to write them down.  There is a section on the Wiki on "Audio
>> > Mapping", but there is no mention of using a normal mobile phone and
>> > bluetooth GPS receiver - the idea is to record audio clips and
>> associated
>> > location to import into JOSM later.  The advantage of a phone over the
>> other
>> > methods is that it should be able to record both audio, and GPS location
>> at
>> > the same time, to avoid the synchronisation problems.  It is also nice
>> and
>> > small, and you don't look odd talking into one.   It might even be
>> possible
>> > to use a bluetooth headset which would be even easier for cycling...
>> >
>> > I have had a bit of a play and I think I can make it work (the GPS
>> receiver
>> > can talk to the phone, and the phone can record sounds), but I haven't
>> > stitched it together in to a single application yet.
>> > I can't help but think that someone will have tried this before (and
>> > presumably failed because I can't find it anywhere?) - does anyone know
>> if I
>> > am onto a loser before I go too far down the road of coding it?  There
>> is a
>> > bit more information at
>> >
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Audio_mapping#Mobile_Phone_Version.3F
>> >
>> > Any pointers to where this is going to go wrong would be appreciated!
>> >
>> > Graham
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