[OSM-dev] Note to the developers of editors :)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 13 18:50:24 BST 2009


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Now should the server complain?


> In my perception one dimensional ways do not exist so yes it should.

I don't think it should. The API makes no claim that a way is some 
geometric object; a way is just a collection of nodes.

If the API would start to do geometry inspection, then you'd have to add 
loads of additional checks as well. For example for self-intersecting 
areas or ways with length==0 even because first and last node, while 
being different, have the same coordinates, and whatnot.

> As always OSM fixer is on rampage to filter about 6000 plus ways, 
> leaving 4492 matches, of them 405 become one-way-ways. Relations haven't 
> been found duplicate in this way.

As long as you fix things that are obviously completely broken, like 
ways referring to deleted nodes, that's fine. But if you venture into 
the "this makes no sense to me so I'll fix it", it might be better to 
discuss your ideas on this list *beforehand* rather than just tell us 
afterwards what your bot is doing (or has done).


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