[OSM-dev] Note to the developers of editors :)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 13 23:35:51 BST 2009


Matt Amos wrote:
>>> i can't think of any use for consecutive duplicate nodes, *yet*. there
>>> might be people already using this for something, or we might find a
>>> use for it in the future. for the moment, i consider this to be a
>>> minor client UI bug which can be most easily fixed by the clients, not
>>> by the server.

>> I think it was you that was previously so smart on IRC about not
>> overengineering your database types. This is exactly the same case, don't
>> allow it unless someone actually has a use for it.

> ok - if noone disagrees i'll implement it. it should be pretty easy in
> the pre-save checks. it'll need to go in post-0.6, though... i don't
> want to change the code too much in the last few days, just in case

I think that adding restrictions is indeed over-engineering, while 
leaving them out is being open to unexpected uses. But since we have 
relations, and relations will (post-0.6) allow one to construct a 
sequence of nodes where the same node appears multiple times 
consecutively, I guess it is ok to remove that with ways.

One possible use for this is encoding a light flash sequence. Say you 
have three strobe lights A, B, C sitting next to each other on some kind 
of navigational aid and you want to encode the fact that they light up 
in the sequence A-B-B-C... ;-)

Not that I've done it... but I might, just to prove my point!


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