[OSM-dev] Vandalism?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Apr 16 18:18:15 BST 2009


Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
> Is this an example of early node ID's being affected by someone messing with
> a JOSM upload file?

I guess it is. I have stumbled upon this by accident; nodes 1-17 were 
uploaded as railway entrances in Praha on 04 April. The user in question 
has no other edits during April (I would have raised the matter more 
visibly otherwise). I fixed it without discussion and politely notified 
the user that there might have been a software problem on his end and 
that the edits have been reverted, however I could still insert his 
edits as new nodes if he wants. Haven't heard back though.

Andy has rightly pointed out that my revert script has a bug. It usually 
reverts the object to the previous version, unless the action being 
undone is an object creation in which case it deletes the object. But I 
have not foreseen the case where I would be undoing undeletes, as 
happened with node #9; my script simply uploaded the old version of that 
node (correctly attributed with "visible=false") but the API ignores the 
visible=false on upload, so what I should have done is simply delete it.


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