[OSM-dev] Routino - a router for OpenStreetMap data

Steve Hosgood steve at tallyho.bc.nu
Mon Apr 20 12:31:39 BST 2009

Claudius wrote:
> Am 16.04.2009 18:52, Andrew M. Bishop:
>> An online demonstration of the router for the UK is available as well:
>> http://www.gedanken.org.uk/mapping/router/router.html
> The map div of your demo page doesn't show at all in Opera browser. This 
> is probably caused by loads of </td> and </tr> missing. Use the W3C HTML 
> validator to clean up your HTML source: http://validator.w3.org/
> ...and keep your good work. Looks primising.

Yeah - I'll second that. I see the map display is working now, so
obviously the missing tags are fixed.

Useful effects of this router are being able to spot broken connectivity
- especially in things I've not spotted using mkgmap to create Garmin
routable maps for my in-car GPS unit. For instance: things wrong with
the cycleways. As soon as the OSM -> 0.6 API kerfuffle is over, I've got
a few cycleway edits for Swansea!

May I offer a couple of comments please:
1) The positioning of the 'start' and 'end' markers for the route are a
bit over-critical. The slippy map provided doesn't let you zoom in
enough to place them accurately enough. Either please add a further
layer of zoom to the zoom-tool, or increase the tolerance for searching
for a road near the 'start' or 'end' markers.

2) Would be nice to mark a road type as "avoid if possible". For
instance, when finding a bicycle route you might like to mark primary
roads in that way. I obtained a similar result by setting the speed
limit for a primary as 5kph, then selecting "find fastest" but of course
the estimated arrival time would be skewed by doing that. I'd might
expect to do 20kph on a bike on a primary if I was on such a road, but
would rather not be there in the first place. Sometimes, there's just no
avoiding riding the bike on a primary - or even a trunk.

Other than that - great work, neat GUI, interesting results.
Keep it up, and thanks for what you've done so far.


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