[OSM-dev] [Routing] webservice to collect traffic messages

Doru Julian Bugariu j.bugariu at wad.org
Mon Apr 20 17:46:38 BST 2009

marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com schrieb:

> I'm thinking about:

+ Use a cool name: "OTM" OpenTrafficMessages
+ Version of protocol

> * required: (enum) event-type
> * required: (string) event-description

Isn't that redundant to event-type?

> * required: (long) OSM WayID of primary location
> * required: (long) OSM NodeID of primary location

Why not use dedicated tags and IDs for it? They even may be attached
automatically to existing ways by a bot.

> * required: (datatime) expiration date of the event

Why not starting time and duration?

> * optional: (long[]) additional affected nodeIDs
> * optional: (long[]) additional affected wayIDs

Good idea.

> * optional: (time) expected delay

Delay if going through "specified event"?

> * optional: (string[]) additionalData

> Are OSM nodeIDs and wayIDs a usefull reference for other (OSM-)
> applications
> or shall I add required lat + lon + ref/name -attributes?

Node IDs and Way IDs may change through time. Lon + Lat + Ref/Name may
be hard to code and error-prone.


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