[OSM-dev] Routino - a router for OpenStreetMap data

Steve Hosgood steve at tallyho.bc.nu
Tue Apr 21 10:44:45 BST 2009

Andrew M. Bishop wrote:
> I had thought about using it to find roads that are not connected to
> the highway network.  Start somewhere that obviously is connected and
> try routing to one node on each other road way.  I don't know how you
> would interpret the data though.  It also wouldn't find breaks that
> can be routed round.
Have you seen 'keepright' ? (

That already spots disconnected nodes, broken junctions, duplicated
nodes in ways, ways crossing each other without a shared node etc etc. 
It might just be a duplication of effort to do that again.

> Steve Hosgood <steve at tallyho.bc.nu> writes:
>> May I offer a couple of comments please:
>> 1) The positioning of the 'start' and 'end' markers for the route are a
>> bit over-critical. The slippy map provided doesn't let you zoom in
>> enough to place them accurately enough. Either please add a further
>> layer of zoom to the zoom-tool, or increase the tolerance for searching
>> for a road near the 'start' or 'end' markers.
> Currently it finds the closest highway node of any type.  I have been
> thinking about limiting it to finding only nodes that are connected to
> highway types that you have selected to use.  This should solve your
> problem.
Hmm - that's not what I thought I saw. I placed a marker at my home (but
not quite on the road). The machine complained that it couldn't find a
suitable route from there. So I zoomed in more and managed to place it
more accurately on the road. Then the router was happy. The first
attempt possibly had the marker about 10m off the road and it wasn't

That just seemed a bit picky, that's all. Position the marker actually
*on* the road (or maybe only 1m off the road) and it all seemed OK.

>> 2) Would be nice to mark a road type as "avoid if possible". For
>> instance, when finding a bicycle route you might like to mark primary
>> roads in that way.
> This is already a work in progress - replacing the yes/no selection
> with a percentage preference.
That'll certainly do it!

BTW: it might be nice to be able to set a 'preference' based on paved or
unpaved roads. On a mountain bike, you might be happy to ride an unpaved
track. On a road-race bike with 20mm wide tyres pumped to 7 bar you
certainly *don't*!!


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