[OSM-dev] Error when generating tiles by mapnik

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 21 12:32:33 BST 2009

ahmed soua wrote:

> ( the authentification has failed for the user postgres to access layer 
> leisure ).
> I need your help please.
> Thanks.

Could you concentrate your questions in one thread, please? You're 
deluging the OSM lists, mapnik lists, OSM forum, with these requests, 
and it would help greatly if you choose one channel, and your questions 
are all grouped together.

Now, for this question: open the osm.xml, and look in the layer 
definitions at the bottom. There you can give your postgresql details. 
Which pipe or ip to use, and username/password.

If you see continents/coastline being rendered, but not any road/landuse 
data, you most likely have the pg settings wrong in the layers.

If you don't see the continents either, both at low and high zoom, you 
need to check your shape file configuration.

And a last recommendation: http://weait.com/content/make-your-first-map
A blow-by-blow description of how to set up your own map, and it should 
answer most of your (current) questions.


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