[OSM-dev] speedup of the API migration?

"Jonas Krückel (John07)" osm at jonas-krueckel.de
Tue Apr 21 22:00:56 BST 2009

Frederik Ramm schrieb:
> Hi,
> Jonas Krückel (John07) wrote:
>> Now i just want to know where is the error/obstacle in my plan.
> There's no "error" as such, but of course your plan sounds good mainly 
> because you left out a lot of ugly bits ;-) it would probably induce 
> less downtime, but be considerably more work for the team in planning 
> - if, on the changeover weekend, you find out that there was a 
> problem, then you have to cancel everything and do it again later, 
> whereas with the 0.6 approach you'd just extend downtime by a day or so.

Ok, that´s a point.
Another question, how difficult would be the merging of the processed 
planet-data and the processed diff-data?
> I'm sure that when API 0.7 comes, you'll be more than welcome to help.
Maybe you know that i don´t have much knowledge about those things.
> (Speaking of which... should we perhaps plan an "API 0.7 wishlist" 
> session during SOTM where we gather ideas, suggestions, requirements?)
You shouldn´t discuss about a timeline/deadline for API0.7, just choose 
May again and you will have all the flexibility you need ;-)


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