[OSM-dev] Current planet file is broken

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Apr 24 09:37:31 BST 2009


Brett Henderson wrote:
> Osmosis has been updated to upper case the database member type names 
> but not xml member type names.  I believed the reason for making them 
> upper case in the database was to railsify something, not for any 
> aesthetics reason.  

Railsify something... sounds important enough to make countless 
downstream users change their code ;-)

Should we then define that any software dealing with relation XML must 
ignore case in member types? (Does the API, on upload, accept any case?)

Currently the planet diffs have lower case, the planet file has upper 
case, and Osmosis expects lower case.

> I believe it's a bug in the planet dumper, it should be converting them 
> to lower case when writing the xml.

I have modified the planet dumper (slightly unelegantly perhaps, I leave 
beauty to Matt) to convert member types to lower case.


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