[OSM-dev] Can SQLite3 handle OSM 150G data file?

Tomas Kolda kolda at web2net.cz
Wed Apr 29 08:21:42 BST 2009


I will post something, but now I'm not at home. So maybe today night. 
But Dane wrote me about sqlite support in mapnik, so you can try that:

Are you aware we have a postgres -> sqlite converter in mapnik?

It requires the postgis and sqlite plugins:


Just build mapnik with:

$ python scons/scons.py INPUT_PLUGINS=all PGSQL2SQLITE=True

I have been hand converting the XML, a scripted approach would be cool.


<https://trac.mapnik.org/browser/trunk/utils/pgsql2sqlite>I don't thing 
that it is usable for me, because I do not like to convert something 
many times to get the result. But I do not know about it (I played with 
it half year ago, so maybe it did not exists yet).


Christoph Eckert napsal(a):
> Hi,
>> There is no reason to be sqlite slow. How much are you are using
>> transactions on your local db? What are you using for import? I'm
>> importing Czech republic (50Mb bziped) in one or two minutes. So for
>> 5.4GB it takes 108 minutes (two hours). But I'm importig to modified osm
>> schema (something like mapnik schema in postgress). It is because of
>> query speed.
> sounds cool. Is the Script that does the conversion from osm.xml into sqlite 
> available somewhere?
> Thanks & best regards,
> ce
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