[OSM-dev] User preference for editor

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Apr 30 18:19:28 BST 2009


Tom Hughes wrote:
> as the only real alternative at the moment is JOSM 
> with the remote control plugin which will present a pretty ugly user 
> interface that will fail in a rather messy way if you don't have JOSM 
> running with the remote control plugin enabled.

It is easy to dismiss as "ugly", but for many this "messy" remote 
control thing is a huge step forward compared to "open download dialog 
and paste an openstreetmap.org URL there" that was the norm in 
pre-remote-control times.

The JOSM team will happily listen to suggestions for alternative 
solutions. We won't even require that you code them yourself although if 
you have code contributions that's of course even better.

JOSM is designed to be able to run as an applet but this has never been 
widely pursued for reasons unknown to me; maybe the reason was that the 
API did not have a good user preference mechanism back then and with no 
write access to the local disk it was difficult to make JOSM usable. 
With more granular preferences API, maybe that avenue can be tried out 


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