[OSM-dev] Code works on sandbox API, doesn't work on main API

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Dec 2 10:32:50 GMT 2009

On 02/12/09 10:10, Janos Rusiczki wrote:
> I have replaced the input file with the XML you provided.
> Result: the exact same error.
> And obviously it works like a charm on the sandbox
> (api06.dev.openstreetmap.org <http://api06.dev.openstreetmap.org>).
> I'm running out of hair to pull.

There's nothing wrong with the XML - it parses just fine using the live 
code on the live server.

My suspicion is that you're seeing a problem with curl and lighttpd not 
getting on and as a result the body of the request is not making it to 
the rails code properly. That would also explain why it works on dev, as 
that uses apache.

A network trace of exactly what request curl is sending and getting back 
might help understand more what the problem is.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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