[OSM-dev] PHP class for API0.6 communication

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Dec 4 02:54:56 GMT 2009

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Because of a project in cooperation with the Dutch government to show
basically amenity=recycling. We wanted our original Dutch OpenLayers PoI
editor back in business. This required a backend that was able to talk
API 0.6.

Since I didn't find any PHP wrappers that could just talk PHP instead of
cumbersome cURL everywhere through the code I decided that because I am
already the proud owner of a BASH 0.6 uploader, another language was not
an issue.

Therefore if anyone want a practical way to download or upload data
without a graphical user interface; but being able to script something,
the following source will give you a nice starting point.


It contains a tutorial with some short examples and a class that does
the hard work for you. Since this is the first version, it has been
tested primary on the sandbox. And probably lacks functionally you would
like to add yourself. I think we can arrange some accounts or just the
'mob' account for people that want to work on it. Patches in any form
are accepted.

Yours Sincerely,

Stefan de Konink
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