[OSM-dev] Noobie Question - Custom Map

Ben Marchbanks ben at magazooms.com
Fri Dec 4 12:30:42 GMT 2009

Are there any opportunities to control the style of vectors on the maps ?

For example I export a large map as PDF but the street vectors are so 
small until you zoom in.

Would like to have a map render with street vector options that allow:

1. Styling options for vectors
      a.stroke width / color for streets

2. Option to choose street levels to include/exclude on the map
     a. Interstate
     b. Secondary ( state roads)
     c. unpaved , neighborhood streets

What a great resource ! Looking forward to any contribution I can make 
to the effort.

*Ben Marchbanks*

www.magazooms.com <http://www.magazooms.com/>
Email: ben at magazooms.com <mailto:ben at magazooms.com>
Phone: (864) 284.9918

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