[OSM-dev] Tagwatch Editor Counts

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 09:42:37 GMT 2009


2009/12/5 Nick Black <nickblack1 at gmail.com>:
> Interesting data Matt.  Getting more users through the one month zone
> would have a big impact on OSM.
> If anyone's interested, Mapzen POI Collecter has had 1,108 downloads
> since it launched, which accounts for roughly 0.6% of the OSM user
> base.  I would guess that 10% - 20% of the OSM user base have iPhones.
> For editor developers, it would be really useful to know what
> proportion of the OSM user base have what kind of mobile devices and
> more importantly what their intentions are for their next device.  The
> Mapzen tools are aimed at mappers who are not well served by current
> tools.  If I knew that, for example, 10%-20% of OSMers who weren't
> already using Vespucci were intended to buy Android devices in the
> next few months, we would definitely release an Android version of
> Mapzen POI Collector.  On the other hand, if the single biggest base
> of OSM users have iPhones, a Mapzen address adding tool is more
> likely.

My guess is Android and webOS (the Palm's latest thing) are going to
be getting a lot of traction in near future so it's always good to
make sure your program works there.  webOS especially because it's new
and there aren't so many apps for it yet.

My personal opinion is that it's a great pity that the fourth editor
in number of users is a closed-source one, just shows that people care
little about their freedom even in a project like this.  Maybe they're
tricked into assuming that every piece of software that has to do with
OSM is free as in freedom, although the "Download ... for free" button
on Mapzen's website gives it away immediately.


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