[OSM-dev] full history planet (experimental)

Matt Amos zerebubuth at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 14:24:52 GMT 2009

hi devs,

i've just finished running Lars' full history planet dumper and the
results are here:

although a skim through the file shows nothing obviously wrong, this
should be considered experimental. please report any problems you find
to us and we'll try and figure it out. also, the dump should have
referential integrity (a way might reference a deleted node, but
shouldn't reference a non-existent node) so please report if that
isn't the case.

it seems to take about 2-3 days to dump, although much of that is
dependent on pbzip2 performance, and causes enough of a load on the DB
to delay the daily dumps by an hour or two. so i don't think this is
something that's worth running every week, but maybe every month or



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