[OSM-dev] Polygon buffer tool (for Osmosis)

Frank Steggink steggink at steggink.org
Fri Dec 11 02:40:39 GMT 2009


I've created a small Python tool which buffers the polygon in a polygon 
file (for Osmosis), and creates a new polygon file. It can be found 
here: [1]. For the buffering PostGIS is used. All Canadian polygon files 
from [2] have been tested and are working.

Requirements: Python (2.6, but 2.5 likely works too), PostGIS (1.3+), 
More info can be found in the file itself, or by typing "./polybuffer.py 
-h" in the command prompt.

Please let me know any issues you experience with this tool.



[2] http://www.maproom.psu.edu/dcw/

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