[OSM-dev] [Maps-l] History API Server

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon Dec 14 22:11:11 GMT 2009

> The instance of XAPI on hypercube now implements the following:
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/node/#id
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/node/#id/#version
> *GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/node/#id/#version/ways
> *
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/way/#id
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/way/#id/full
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/way/#id/#version
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/way/#id/#version/full
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/relation/#id
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/relation/#id/full
> GET http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/relation/#id/#version
> GET 
> http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.6/relation/#id/#version/full
> The full history hasn't been loaded so there is only version data for 
> new versions created in the last two or three days.  Until the full 
> history is loaded (which may not happen this year) any output from these 
> queries should be considered to be experimental and may be incomplete.
> Feedback and comments would be welcome and much appreciated.
> 80n

Oh whow, this is sooooooo damn cool! This opens up the way for real 
smart diff- and revert tools, which will greatly improve our 
response-times on vandalism.

I really need to get some more time to work on this.. I think I got to 
take some holidays in January..

Thank you so much!


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