[OSM-dev] Removing Minutely and Hourly Changesets

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 19 11:07:49 GMT 2009

Brett Henderson wrote:
> Are there any objections to me disabling the old minute and hourly 
> changesets and deleting their files from the planet server?

No objections from me, but you might take your time, between this 
announcement/request and actually removing them.

> I haven't heard any complaints about the replication changesets so I'm 
> assuming they're working well.

I've been working with them since about day 1. They work wonderfully 
well, especially with that one-off bug fixed.

> I'll leave the daily changesets running for now because they are running 
> with a much longer delay and shouldn't miss data.

And are probably used in a lot more automated processes, to create a new 
planet (extract) every day. I know we do it for planet.openstreetmap.nl, 
and hypercube uses the same daily diff files for the Coastline Error 


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