[OSM-dev] amazon AMIs for a full blown openstreetmap.org-like server

Jonathan-David SCHRODER jonathan.schroder at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 17:20:24 GMT 2009


I'd like to create a platform like opencyclemap.org for indoor stuff easily,
and more on more people on the Internet
seem to want to setup their own openstreetmap server.
Some tutorials exist describing the steps to obtain an OSM DB with data in
it + a first Mapnik rendering :
Now what I would sincerely like is a quick and easy solution providing me an
openstreetmap server distribution/image that :
- ships on liveCD / CD / DVD or not but preferably for me as an AMI (Amazon
Machine Image)
- has :
    - an OSM psgql db setup with [SomeGeoData]
    - a mapnik or other renderer
    - an HTTP Rails port so as to have something like osm.org's
slippymap+potlatch+HTTP API (at least TMS tiling API for tiles streaming and
v0.6 features filtering API for POIs search and display) for mobiles
applications&OSM editors (JOSM, Merkaartor etc..)
...where [SomeGeoData] is a flexible set (imported/synchronized frequently
from other sources, or stored on machine and editable by remote over HTTP
with a JOSM-like editor) of :
    -  layers (containing features that will be drawn but "not-clickable"),
    - POIs (clickable features),
    - interchangeable GeoStyleSheets or "how map should be drawn"-rules

... and that [SomeGeoData]'s flexible set of layers, POIs, stylesheets is
remotely editable through a web interface, an HTTP interface or some shell
scripts to run on the host.

As far as LiveCDs / distributions are concerned, though I've seen only a few
(one is Fedora based :
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Ynemoy/Fedora_Geo_Spin ).

I've experimented with tiledrawer.com for nearly a week on Amazon EC2.
That server contains :
- an openstreetmap "database" (postgresql + postGIS + the "primary
interfacing" tools osm2pgsql / osmosis)
- the TileCache python server which serves png tiles over http the TMS way*
* this is openstreetmap.org's way of providing tiles for the Slippy Map
one just needs to download each tile http://publicDNS/tilecache/x/y/z.png ;
see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tile_Map_Service
I need the Rails port on top of that.

I can give free access to an amazon EC2 instance based on an Alestic Ubuntu
EC2 image... based on TileDrawer.com's image or not.

Who can comment on my need/request for help/proposal for collaboration ?

Thanks in advance !

Take care !

Jonathan-David SCHRODER
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