[OSM-dev] api0.6 - only one value per key?

Andreas Kalsch andreaskalsch at gmx.de
Sun Feb 1 04:04:59 GMT 2009

Frederik Ramm schrieb:
>> The current OSM data model does not include any semantics for tags, 
>> does it?
> The data model doesn't, and will probably never. The OSM database is 
> meant to be as "content agnostic" as possible; it only performs the 
> most basic integrity checks and has no concept of what "makes sense" 
> and what not. It is the job of the database users to decide what makes 
> sense to them (and ideally, only store things that make sense).
"content agnostic" - this is why I like your data model and OSM as a 
whole. You give your users the freedom an OS project needs. The world to 
map is too complex to set too narrow constraints.

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