[OSM-dev] Minutely Diff Broken UTF-8

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sun Feb 1 05:44:46 GMT 2009

I've manually truncated the broken tag in the relation in the 
daily/hourly/minute changeset files on the planet server.  If you now 
have missing data in your database you should be able to reset the 
timestamp and begin applying changesets including the missing data again.

I've also asked TomH to fix the broken tag in the db but it might take a 
while given that it's the weekend.


Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> Osmosis's --rci task just blew up on me because of a broken diff. i
> narrowed the problem down to 200901312208-200901312209.osc.gz , which
> has invalid UTF-8, specifically, in the description tag of relation 28417 .
> I've skipped this update by manually changing my timestamp, but
> http://openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/28417 and so on still looks
> broken, so this is primarily a mail to let people know that something is
> broken with utf-8 stuff in the db.
> Regards,

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