[OSM-dev] Osmosis: Extracting by polygon

Rolf Bode-Meyer robome at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 13:21:53 GMT 2009


I'm on my first steps with osmosis.
I managed to create a polygon file from the outer way on a
multipolygon in the OSM data. So osmosis now should extract exactly
the area bounded by that way. And indeed it mostly does, but some
nodes of the way of the multipolygon are not in the output data.

I checked the nodes in the polygon to exactly have the same
coordinates, decimal place for decimal place. Is this some sort of
rounding problem when java reads in the string with the coordinate? Is
this a known problem?

Related to extracting data: usage of the option clipIncompleteEntities
to --bp is answered by exception:
"com.bretth.osmosis.core.OsmosisRuntimeException: Argument
clipIncompleteEntities for task 2-bp was not recognised."
[[Osmosis/DetailedUsage]] lists this option. Other options to this command work.


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