[OSM-dev] One value per key? Why not one pair per object?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Tue Feb 3 20:52:34 GMT 2009

Matthias Julius wrote:
>>> Key uniqueness robs us of some cool things but we get simplicity in 
>>> return which is a price worth paying in this particular case, I think.
>> Using the misused thing called relations we are able to do most of the 
>> things we want. But if there was a vote I would go for the unique k/v 
>> thing because of the *non* semantics and *non* duplicates for an amenity 
>> that is 'both'.
> I would say relations are not misused, they are misnamed.  They should
> have been named "object" and a relation would only be one kind of
> object.  Then everything could be made into an object that references
> ways and/or nodes.

s/ways/other objects/g

And it actually makes sense ;)


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