[OSM-dev] API 0.6: way and relation limits

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Feb 5 00:54:14 GMT 2009


    If I recall correctly, we had more or less decided to have a limit 
of "n" members to a relation and "m" nodes to a way in API 0.6.

I can see that the way limit has been implemented and configured to be 
2000 nodes per way. Will it remain at 2000 or is there still discussion? 
If the number is reasonably agreed then we could reconfigure the OSM 
inspector's geometry view


which currently highlights ways with > 1000 nodes to only highlight 
those with > 2000, so that mappers get a chance to fix the critical 
ones. The inspector is currently Europe-only but that's better than 
nothing I guess. The fixes can of course be done at any later time but 
as soon as API 0.6 is in force a mapper will not even be able to change 
a tag on one of the too-long ways we we'd better ask the experienced 
mappers to start fixing things.

Also, I cannot find an implementation of the relation member limit. Am I 
just being stupid (again), or is this still missing? I'll copy+paste the 
code from ways if it really isn't implemented yet. Had we agreed on 1000 
members per relation?


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