[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] donating read-only api-mirrors

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Fri Feb 6 14:13:58 GMT 2009

+-le 06.02.2009 08:38:24 -0500, Milenko a dit :
| That link actually includes the TRAPI servers, which do not return all
| data.  Anything not used by t at h is stripped out of the TRAPI databases.
| Since my ROMA server is down while it rebuilds the database on a new disc
| array (SSDs!!), pretty much anything requested through that link will be
| returned by a TRAPI server.  I believe there will be separate links for the
| ROMA and TRAPI load balancers in the near future.

There is a TRAPI load balancer which is, like I said three weeks ago on the
t at h list available at :

I'm waiting for someone to change the t at h client to point first to TRAPI then
to ROMA, when that's done, I'll remove the TRAPI servers from the ROMA load

Mathieu Arnold

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