[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] donating read-only api-mirrors

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Feb 6 16:28:55 GMT 2009

Tom Hughes wrote:
> This is only partly about rails. Even if you take rails out of the 
> equation you still need to keep substantial amount of data in memory in 
> order to know which objects to fetch. 

The substantial amount of memory you are talking about is the resultset? 
Or the partially generated XML per query? In implementation detail this 
could be offloaded to the webserver when generated.

> The alternative is do much more 
> complicated database queries which are likely to be slower (impossibly 
> so on mysql, but possibly manageable with a different database).

I still do not see how your database queries can be your main pain. That 
is just a one time bench and test action. Again MySQL is not /that/ bad. 
I really don't see a reason why first so much fuzz need to be generated 
to make things better for everyone.

[Sarcasm]Since the T at H folks that I think are /wasting/ resources on 
anything, /waste/ their human resources also on building a balanced 
infrastructure. I really don't mind to see them /waste/ their time on a 
quick main API.[/Sarcasm]

>> Don't forget our last IRC conversation where you were unable to tell 
>> me why a specific FCGI client was borking on any request (get/put). 
>> While a new request just worked. This indicates there are more 
>> problems with Ruby-on-Rails read/write actions than you are now 
>> talking about now.
> I'm not aware of having spoken to you on IRC to be honest. If I'd known 
> it was you I probably wouldn't have entered into the conversation.

I hope you are kidding.

> If it is the conversation I think it is then I didn't say I didn't know 
> why it was breaking - there are a number of reasons why that happens 
> some of which I understand and some of which I don't. What I said was 
> that I had no way to tell which daemon was causing the problem.

(17:36:04) Skinkie: TomH: could you check the api server for a hanging 
fcgi process?
(17:43:01) TomH: Skinkie: I don't think there's any way to tell if an 
fcgi is hung
(17:44:21) Skinkie: i am currently hammering request to the api and i 
see some request hanging, therefore set a timeout
(17:44:28) Skinkie: this solves the issue
(17:44:35) Skinkie: but it is clear to see something is broken
(17:45:13) TomH: Skinkie: what sort of requests are they?
(17:46:37) Skinkie: first i tried GET now only DELETE
(17:48:15) TomH: I don't care what the HTTP method is, just which part 
of the API you are calling (it affects where I need to look)
(17:48:30) TomH: presumably this is indivdual node/way calls, not map calls?
(17:53:10) Skinkie: only on nodes

[that was the last thing about this conversation I left before 21:00]


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