[OSM-dev] Rantings about API 0.6

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 10 01:01:43 GMT 2009


Iván Sánchez Ortega wrote:
> [2009-02-10 01:00:34.809017 #1664]   User Load (0.000144)   SELECT * FROM 
> `users` WHERE (`users`.`id` = 1)
> [2009-02-10 01:00:34.810457 #1664]   SQL (0.000144)   SELECT `display_name` 
> FROM `users` WHERE (`users`.display_name = 'ivansanchez' AND `users`.id <> 1)
> [2009-02-10 01:00:34.811241 #1664]   SQL (0.000108)   SELECT `email` FROM 
> `users` WHERE (`users`.email = 'ivan at sanchezortega.es' AND `users`.id <> 1)
> WTF does this happen on every object (read: node) I upload? The API already 
> knows who I am the second I started to upload the diff!

Probably the same thing that Matt Amos just posted, the individual 
object processing code being re-used for each object in the change file, 
and so for each object it checks whether you're really the owner of the 

Maybe we should indeed re-think this one; it is the only optimisation 
that would influence the protocol. (Then again it would do so in a 
backwards-compatible way; if we drop the changeset=... attribute 
requirement later and clients still send it, who cares.)

> [2009-02-10 01:00:34.863175 #1664]   SQL (0.000244)   SELECT `id` FROM 
> `current_nodes` WHERE (`current_nodes`.id IS NULL)
> current_nodes.id is defined as NOT NULL. So, WTF?
> [2009-02-10 01:00:34.864872 #1664]   SQL (0.000258)   SELECT `id` FROM 
> `changesets` WHERE (`changesets`.id = 44 AND `changesets`.id <> 44)
> ***WTF***???!!!!

I can only assume that these things are somehow deeply magic Rails 
incantations that will provide good Karma for the requests to come. And 
I can assure you that it would be worse with Hibernate ;-)

> [2009-02-10 01:00:34.859181 #1664]   Changeset Update (0.000314)   UPDATE 
> `changesets` SET `num_changes` = 18443 WHERE `id` = 44
> Couldn't this wait until the diff upload is complete?

As we're in a transaction, I guess you're right. - You have probably 
found a weak spot where we traded efficiency for maintainability. 
Re-using the individual object change building blocks as-is makes the 
code easier to read, understand, maintain, but carries a performance 

> So, while I'm no expert about Rails, I do suspect that all those extra 
> unnecessary queries are done automagically.

The middle ones, probably yes. The top and bottom ones, proably by design.

> I do know OSM will have some brand new DB server (now with 0.1 more API!) that 
> should be able to handle the extra overhead, and that most of those queries 
> will hit data that will be cached anyway.

Also, the above requests would all happen if you did individual uploads, 
*plus* you would have the http setup overhead, so even as-is, diff 
uploads will bring a considerable gain.

> Is it worth to optimize the code for diff uploads?

It can probably wait till later.


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