[OSM-dev] Osmosis: Filter way/node *without* key x

Ldp ldp at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 12 23:09:37 GMT 2009

Brett Henderson wrote:

>> Would it be a workable option to have fully referenced diff files, 
>> next to the current sparse format?
> Anything is possible but for complexity and performance reasons it's not 
> trivial.  Currently osmosis runs through the database history tables and 

Hence my use of the word 'workable'. Thanks for the explanation.

>> With the current interest in hourly/minutely updated maps, this seems 
>> to me to be an interesting option for people that don't or can't load 
>> the whole planet.
> You can still apply full planet changesets to your local file then run 
> the result through a bounding box to remove unwanted data.

I know, and I've done that in the past, but if you load diff files with 
osm2pgsql (in slim mode), that can't be done. You'd have to patch the 
extract with osmosis and reload (with osm2pgsql) the whole thing every time.

But I notice osm2pgsql's --bbox parameter, so I'd have to see if that 
works with --slim --append mode as well. And if it works, if it produces 
sane results around the extract edges.


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