[OSM-dev] Mapnik layer has become confused by layers?

D Tucny d at tucny.com
Fri Feb 13 05:35:59 GMT 2009

Hi folks,

Not sure when this started, but, mapnik seems to be getting layers wrong
when drawing objects...


In this view there is a two dual carriageway primary roads that meet at a
junction at ground level (no layer tag), above the junction running north
south is a dual carriageway trunk elevated road/viaduct (layer=2), above the
primary roads, with some below the trunk and some above is a junction
consisting of a number of trunk_link roads (various layer tags) linking the
east west primary road to the trunk road... Mapnik appears to be currently
drawing all trunk_link roads below everything else, even though they are
tagged with layer tags of 1, 2 and 3 depending on which other ways they pass
over, though it's difficult to see if it's drawing them under the trunk as
there are no borders visible making it all appear to be at the same layer...

Similar confusion is also visible in other places where the same road
crosses other roads and there are link roads present...
east west primary linked to north south trunk (bicycle flyover and
roundabout between the two)
No link roads present here, but, double decker bridge with primary
road at
layer 1 and trunk at layer 2 rendered with the primary road above the
Primary links roads at layer 1 overlaid by unclassified roads with no
layer tag

osmarender seems to get it right, even if it does look a bit messy where the
different layers join...

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