[OSM-dev] OGC standards / Sql Server 2008 / OSM... help?

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 22:12:08 GMT 2009

2009/2/18 brendan barrett <shogunz0r at gmail.com>:

> Is correcting it inside OSM the only way to deal with this kind of
> data?

Well, I can't speak for SQL server, but this kind of data is something
we're usually prepared to call "wrong" for all kinds of other
purposes. It's certainly the kind of thing that has broken coastline
rendering in the past, caused "flooding" and suchlike. So fixing it is
The Right Thing.

> If so, i'm thinking of compiling a list of all the ways that do
> not comply, and then posting them somewhere so that we can all pick
> them off one by one. There are a lot in Australia alone (using the
> aussie export to get my testing done). I have a feeling that anyone
> using Sql Server Spatial will have these issues.

A noble idea. Automating it is the way to go. I cleaned the Irish
coast of defects like this by hand. It took quite a while and there's
somewhat less of it than there is in Oz...


Iren sind menschlich

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