[OSM-dev] keepright.at bug - distructive inspection of problems

Harald Kleiner e9625163 at gmx.at
Fri Jan 30 18:02:41 GMT 2009

Hi Eddy! Hi OpenLayers-Experts!

This is an OpenLayers-related issue. Maybe someone out here can help.

This page http://keepright.ipax.at/report_map.php uses an 
OpenLayers.Layer.Text layer to display bubbles showing error messages if 
one of the images (lightning arrows) are clicked.

You may close these bubbles by clicking on the red X or by clicking the 
lightning arrows again. But when using the X you cannot re-open the 
bubble until the page is reloaded.

Any hints are welcome!

Best Regards,

> Hello,
> With the recent database update (23-01-2009) the keepright.at site now
> displays a new bug: all problem ispections are distructive in the sense
> that once you clicked on an arrow to see the issue you can do that again
> without pressing once more on the "requery" button.
> Did I say thanks for this nice interface for finding bugs? Thanks a lot.
> --=20
> Regards,
> EddyP
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