[OSM-dev] Osmosis error, duplicate

Joachim Zobel jz-2008 at heute-morgen.de
Tue Jun 2 21:39:26 BST 2009

Am Dienstag, den 02.06.2009, 11:52 -0700 schrieb Jeffrey Warren:
> I was importing a planet dump to pgsql with the --write-apidb-0.6 and
> got the error: 
> ERROR: insert or update on table "current_way_nodes" violates foreign
> key constraint "current_way_nodes_node_id_fkey"   Detail: Key
> (node_id)=(395051992) is not present in table "current_nodes". 
> Why would that cause osmosis to fail? 

Not shure. Osmosis should work with foreign keys, so this may be a bug.

I would however recommend loading the data into a database without any
indexes or foreign keys and then recreate them.


This is much faster for that size. The reason is that INSERTing
otherwise writes the data _and_ the indexes. This causes the heads to
move back and forth (unless you have seperate disks for the data and all
its indexes), which means a major slowdown.

> I seem to be left with only 42448 current_ways, and no
> current_relations or current_relation_tags. Can I restart osmosis
> without re-running the entire import (5 days)? 

Sorry, probably you can't.


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