[OSM-dev] footway inside building: new tag-value 'indoor=yes'

Claudius claudius.h at gmx.de
Mon Jun 29 22:49:06 BST 2009

Am 29.06.2009 23:03, Ed Loach:
>> My 'problem' is that this looks graphically overloaded - think
>> even
>> about footways in several floors!
>> Q1. What about a new tag "indoor=yes" in addition to
>> "highway=footway"?
>> Q2. Renderer (like Mapnik / Osmarender) then chould suppress
>> these footways?
> Alternative: new tag highway=corridor, and the routing software
> could then add support for indoor routing?
> Ed

Don't forget surface=carpet/parquetry/tiles/linoleum :P

Instead of reusing the plaing highway-tag I would favor a new namespace 
for indoor features. Sth. along indoor:highway=corridor or 


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