[OSM-dev] postgresql issue

Arindam Ghosh makghosh at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 07:32:04 GMT 2009

Hi all

I updated to postgresql-8.3-postgis in the freemap.in which was
required for new mapnik

The mapnik from the svn was in turn required for latest mod_tile.

But now as i create a new db say 'gis' ex:
$ createdb -E UTF8 -0 username gis

I get following error related to encoding actually:

createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  encoding UTF8 does not
match server's locale en_US
DETAIL:  The server's LC_CTYPE setting requires encoding LATIN1.

On googling, i found some similar recent threads like [1] & [2]
The threads semms to suggest for fixing LC_ALL variable and then
re-initdb. But that may require db backup and restore.

Is there any simpler way to get around this thing?? Please help me on this  :)

[1] http://archives.postgresql.org/pdxpug/2009-02/msg00011.php
[2] http://www.nabble.com/Locale---Encoding-mismatch-td16384677.html

--best regards


Arindam Ghosh

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