[OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 5 07:46:37 BST 2009


Brett Henderson wrote:
> I'm fairly uncomfortable with this approach.  It could be very 
> confusing.  But I'm prepared to be swayed, it is certainly simple :-)

As I tried to explain, I don't really find it confusing; I actually 
*like* the idea of changesets not being propagated until they are 
"complete" (i.e. closed).

> Also, there's a potential flaw with this approach.  Lets say I create 
> node 100 with version 1 in changeset 10 in Potlatch and leave my 
> changeset open.  You then come along with JOSM and edit node 100 
> creating version 2 within changeset 11 and close your changeset 
> immediately.  Osmosis will pick up changeset 11 after 5 minutes and 
> distribute node 100 version 2.  A day later Osmosis will pick up 
> changeset 10 and distribute it node 100 version 1.

Ouch, I hadn't thought of this, but of course you are right. - But now 
that the XML contains version numbers, would it not be the superior 
approach anyway to base --apply-change on version numbers anyway?


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