[OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 5 10:42:05 BST 2009


Brett Henderson wrote:
> My aim all along has been to provide people with up to date data.  The 
> nice thing about the minute changesets is that they let you have an 
> offline database that exactly matches the API as of 6 minutes ago.  I'd 
> completely agree with you if the API only released data once the 
> changeset was closed but that's not the case.  

Hm... this would probably be easier to achieve than everything else ;-)

> For 
> example, the current minute diffs (if they worked properly) let you look 
> at your local database, make a bunch of enhancements and upload directly 
> to the API and you'll only run into conflicts if somebody has edited 
> within the last 6 minutes or so.

Valid point, and one that would not go away by having the API only 
deliver data from closed changesets.


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