[OSM-dev] Minute Diffs Broken

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 5 11:38:59 BST 2009


Tom Hughes wrote:
>> Of course there's always the possibility to simply drop the 
>> transaction around the diff upload. I don't think many people actually 
>> *rely* on it, but it was one of the features we thought were nice to 
>> have...
> Er no there isn't. That is absolutely positively definitely not going to 
> happen.
> Do that and we're back exactly where we started - send a change (or set 
> of changes in this case which is worse) to the API and have it fail and 
> be left with a partial change applied.

The main problem with 0.5 was that it sometimes applied changes to 
current without applying them to history (or was it the other way 
round). This is now solved and nobody is suggesting to go back.

But being able to make a bunch of edits and process them in one 
transaction is new with 0.6 and not something that users actually 
demanded to have - it is something we thought could come in handy. As 
for JOSM, I have already heard complaints, and people have asked how 
they can go back to the old non-changeset upload, because they 
explicitly *want* as much as possible of their changeset to upload, and 
are pissed off when the whole changeset fails because it contains a 
change to some monster object that is changed very often.


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